David Cianni

David Cianni grew up in Villa Nueva, Guatemala, where he developed his talent for drawing, painting and handcrafts. He earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Industrial and Mechanical Arts at Instituto Technico Vocacional Dr. Imrich Fischmann in Guatemala. Cianni emigrated to Los Angeles, California, at the age of 17 and became an American citizen. He went to work in a metal shop, where he learned to be a welder. He became the head draftsman and quickly stepped into management. In 1990, he opened his own company, Zenitram Art Metal Work. Zenitram is Martinez spelled backwards and is his signature trademark. He specialized in making ballroom lighting fixtures and furniture for the national and international hotel industry. Cianni’s work in the metal fabrication industry showed him the need for extreme recycling, and he became a promoter of reusing the components he encountered in his daily work. Many of the scrap components end up as a part of his artworks.

Cianni uses an art technique that blends mechanical components that resemble bionic engineering. They mimic nature’s organisms and are made of recycled materials. He calls it “M-BORA” (Mechanical-Bionic- Organic-Recyclable-Art) He goes to extremes to show why we must take care of our planet and recycle, and why all people should get along. He believes that while we are in the process of saving our planet, why not get creative with it?

In 2006, Cianni moved to Aiken, South Carolina, where he continues to do metal work. He currently runs Cianni Art Studio-Custom Metal Art Work. He is involved in the manufacturing of customized components for local corporations and for the equine industry. He believes that through hard work one can achieve great feats and is enthusiastic of what the future holds for his family, his shop and his career.

Cianni had a major solo exhibition at 701 Center for Contemporary Art in Columbia, South Carolina, in 2012.